Saturday, 26 May 2018

Swiss Regiment de Karrer recreated

Caption from here reads
France Paris Fête 14 Juillet Regiment de Karrer Martinique 1730 Ancienne Photo Meurisse 1929

Vintage Meurisse Studio Photo, text on reverse: - les défilés des anciens régiments coloniaux à la revue du 14 juillet, le régiments de Karmer? Martinique 1730

Friday, 25 May 2018

15mm Great Northern War

Thought it might be worth exploring this theme. A lot of people recommend Blue Moon which are a fairly new range of Russians and Swedes. There is an old range by Dixons which have merit.  I used to have a huge French army of their WSS 15s. CP models do Danish among others things.  Any more out there? I forgot Irregular Miniatures.

James Francis Edward Keith

Someone who participated in the early Jacobite Risings fought for the Russians and also fought under Frederick the Great. Killed at Hochkirch
The Hon. James Francis Edward Keith (11 June 1696 – 14 October 1758) was a Scottish soldier and Prussian field marshal. As a Jacobite he took part in a failed attempt to restore the Stuart Monarchy to Britain. When this failed, he fled to Europe, living in France, and then Spain. He joined the Spanish and eventually the Russian armies and fought in the Anglo-Spanish War (1727) and the Russo-Swedish War (1741–1743). In the latter he participated in the conquest of Finland and became its viceroy. Subsequently, he participated in the coup d'état that put Elizabeth of Russia on the throne.

He subsequently served in the Prussian army under Frederick the Great, where he distinguished himself in several campaigns. He died during the Seven Years' War at the Battle of Hochkirch. He received the Black Eagle Order and is memorialized on the Equestrian statue of Frederick the Great.
Funeral of Marshal Keith

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Battle of Glen Shiel 10 June 1719

I wonder if there will be any reenactments for this battle next year? Part of the War of Quadruple Alliance. See below.  Spanish regulars, Marines  under Colonel Don Nicolás de Castro Bolaño anyone? Useful article here

War of the Quadruple Alliance (1717–1720)

Sorry for noticing the tercentenary of this conflict

Hanoverian invasion in Mecklenburg. Action at Walsmuhlen on 5-6 March of 1719

Been reading about Graf von Schwerin and his early career and this battle in 1719 is interesting. 

New label Prussia

Don't know whether you use the labels but I put a lot of early 18thc Prussia posts a new label.